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Bloodylove part 1

"NO" I screamed as I jerked awake my fangs piercing my tounge as they came nails growing longer into
sharp claws,"Sam..Girl!" I heard Erics voice yelled as he gripped my arm in an iron grasp. I turned in my seat as to see
brianna and eric half way out otheir seats ready to restrain me......I looked around we were still on the plane and the
passengers were staring at all 3 of us....Brianna glared at them and they turned away and looked out their windows....I
panted and slid down back into my seat and retracted my fangs and calmed myself......"Girl is u okay" I heard brianna
ask...I glanced at her to see her shot a knowi ng look at Eric who returned it.....I hated I always have those awlful
nightmares of are past....I looked away from them..."Im fine" I sighed. It has been about 10 hours since we've bordered
the plane to london yesterday afternoon...I made a fist as I remebered why....The ones who created us some of the oldest
vampires in the world....have put are bounty on are heads for are capture for what we are......Me,Brianna,and Eric are
all related...and the night we were created the ancients as the others call them didn't expect when they turned us we
would be the first of are kind who was both human and vampire....we are called halvas the only ones to be created in
over 2000 years...we are sronger and faster than most vampires......we all have special powers......thanks to a certain
type of rare blood we all share we are what we are.....Caleb,phillip,and Marik were astonished when we turned. We
escaped them about 4 years ago and they have been mercyilessly hunted us for you see halvas men and female can bare
vampric children...and well were not so thrilled about fucking them. I turned and looked out the window to see the clear
night sky...."I wonder what london will be like...are new home"Brianna mused...."I don't know but we must keep a low
profile around other vamps"Eric whispered as he leaned his chair back...."Were is the apartment sam" he asked...I
turned..."Near A big lake in the woods"i said and strectched....Brianna frowned and started to read the book she was
holding I put my head agianst the window and gritted my teeth as I sank back into the past.
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  ‹Samantha132› — Page created: 17 November 2009
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‹TonTon› says:   17 November 2009   184503  
Awesome :3
when are you writing more?
‹Samantha132› says:   17 November 2009   216415  
‹TonTon› says:   17 November 2009   111053  
Can't wait.
hannahboo says:   18 November 2009   786205  
its great 
‹Samantha132› says :   18 November 2009   131747  

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