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My take on Vampires

I feel the need to put this out there, as my friends were questioning me about it on a run during PE. Unfortunately this is more relevent than lots of stuff out here. Anyway, here we go. Q: How does garlic affect Vampires? A: It doesn't affect them, it's just the fact that they have better smelling than humans, so it's just unpleasant to be near it. Q: How do religious objects affect Vampire? A: Nothing really does anything to them, they just don't believe in God, so it's uncomfortable to be around religious objects. Q: What about wooden stakes? A: If you jab a wooden stake through anything's heart, it will cause it to die. Q: And how does sunlight work on them? A: That... I have no answer for. I cannot conclude a believable story for it. Q: Well, how do people get turned? A: Vampiracy is acctually a virus that is transmitted though the saliva into the blood. Q: What's the whole idea behind bats? A: The thing is, bats act as carriers for the virus. They bite the vampires and the bats can bite humans and pass it on. There were more, but I forgot them. Any questions?
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