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26 F United States of America
speaks English and French and Russian
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 Hit me up on myspace/myyearbook!!! :]
First thing first...
I'm a bitch,
I bite,
I'm not persuaded easily
& I'm not stunted by all those out there that call me fake :]
Go ahead,
but the fact is,
you don't know me.
You don't know who i really am.
You have not the slightest inkling of why i created this profile
& why i'm wasting my time on all these people out here
that call me fake because they're pathetic & shameful
& have no lives so they masscarade around
picking out every person they believe to not be real
& tourment them.
Is that fun to you?
Do you enjoy your sorry game?

Take a step back.
And get to know what REAL is
before you label others as fake.

As i said,
you have no clue
who i am.
so stop wasting your time here,
its nothing to me :]

Hugs & Kisses
FAKE Lexi Lush


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Alex The Rock!

Q&A Section   
rythm 2 Jun 09  
You and NikkiDee had a pretty big argument.....
Um I'm eleven and I know some pretty good words.
I'm only eleven so I might not even know what this argument is about but
I don't enjoy..... being called dumb..... 
I just wonder what middle school you went to where eleven year kids are not
smart but yeah....
Do not be mean to eleven year old kids, just teaching you a lesson.
Do not think of us as lesser people, I guess a 2 year old is what would be what
you described.
ATOMIC_ANDY 4 Jun 09  
I didn't say ALL eleven year olds were dumb..
those words never formed in my mouth or were typed by my fingers.
all i said is that MOST eleven year olds do not use such a vast vocabulary
& do not speak in a formal way..
i never said ALL. just most.
i do not think you as a lesser person,
i do not look down on you for being young.
i was simply saying that i am not eleven to that girl NikkiDee or whatever
so please, do not take my words wrong.
i do not find you dumb or in any way similar to a 2 year old.
catloverextreme 2 Jun 09  
lawl sorry
ATOMIC_ANDY 4 Jun 09  
its kay
catloverextreme 1 Jun 09  
u know, theres no need to argue with her in the first, freakin bullying her
thats mean
ATOMIC_ANDY 2 Jun 09  
uhm, she started it thankyew 
i only stood up for myself
so please,
take you're drama elsewhere
it's not wanted here :]
NikkiDee 28 May 09  
You underestimate eleven year olds. :/
It's not that hard to use "big" words.

As I can't be bothered to address every single thing you took the time to type
in your response, seeing as I have better things to do than argue with you.
I have a social life. Sometimes.


I prefer hypocrite. :]
It's more fun to say.

But if you think about it, you sort of are too, for creating this profile.
What have you done to prove scene kids are foolish?
Other than sit here and argue with me?
I have yet to see you making fun of scene people.

I naturally feel the need to argue with people, but I'm not sorry for that.
It takes up time when I'm supposed to be doing my science. :]

I'm sorry if I missed anything you typed in that massive response.
I have to go do my homework.

And just so you know, I don't plan on arguing with you about this scene shit, so
there's no need to answer this or whatever.
I don't feel like arguing with you.

Aiight, peace.
ATOMIC_ANDY 29 May 09  
Well i don't feel the need to waste my time on a dimwitted 14 year old girl.
I shall take my leave now.
Farewell snotty bitch :]
Hope you have a wonderful life.
NikkiDee 27 May 09  
As if you didn't expect someone to call you out on this.

And to be honest, I just assumed you were some 11 year old faggot trying to be
cool. I didn't think you were claiming to be Lexi.

So What IS your reason for creating this account? Please enlighten me. 

And yes, I suppose I'll continue, if it entertains you so much. :]
Anything for you. ;]
ATOMIC_ANDY 28 May 09  
darling dearest
you have me all wrong :O
i'm appalled you'd assume i was only 11..
certainly you have never met an eleven year old
who uses such a vocabulary structure as I.
unless you've met many smart eleven year olds...?

My reason for creating this account is quite simple..
i hate scene fags.
i hate those who sit there
for 2 hours
making their hair
look as if they just crawled out of bed.
I hate how they put everyone down,
I hate how they believe they are better
because they have blue/pink/green/purple hair
& they dress as if they are a 3 year old girl in a 17 year old's body.
I despise how they call themselves hideous,
yet take more pictures than anyone else.

Quite simple :]

This profile was created to show,
exactly how foolish 
all these "Scene Queens" are.

If that does not appeal to your sence of entertainment
or you find it unpalatable
i'm quite sorry for the inconvienence.

What i find amusing though,
& i do mean amusing,
is how you say in your profile
that what people do does not concern you
& others should let them be...
yet here i am,
minding my own business,
trying to fancy myself with a pointless yet entertaining game
of putting down scene's...
and you bombard into my plot
& call me fake.

Quite amusing.
I would say you are also fake for such actions.
Or a hypocrite...
which ever you prefer dear :]

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