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Short Story Page!

Mizzkatee's Short Story! (The Stranger by the Riverbank)

   It was dark as Heidi crept along the river bank, holding a single package to her chest. It was filled with the
Unspeakables, as she called them. The remenants of a broken past--a past that she had no control over. She refused to
let that get to her now. She was on a mission. It was either break down and cry, and risk getting caught, or suck it up
and be a grown up about this.
  Yeah right. She was sixteen, a short blonde with blue eyes that looked as harmless as a newborn kitten, her powers
were wacko and refused to work, and she had no idea what she doing, let alone why she was doing it. It was simply
something to get out of the house--a house which she despised with every ounce of her being. She clenched her tiny pale
fist at the thought about the home. A group home. Where everybody was solitary. Nobody was fun. A bunch of boring
  "I see you've brought the package like I asked," a voice said from her side.
   Used to dealing with these people--if they were that (she had her suspicions, but she wouldn't voice them aloud--she
didn't jump at the sudden, unexpected voice. Instead, she turned on her foot, dagger clutched in her right hand, ready
to fight. Or kill, if need be. 
   Instead of the boy she had made the deal with, it was another guy. He wasn't that tall, but he was taller than her
5'2. About 5'6, 5'7. With green gold eyes and shiny golden hair. Arms crossed, he leaned against the tree, the picture
of perfect ease. Heidi glared at him. "I didn't make the deal with you," she snapped. Honestly, she didn't have times
for his games. She just wanted to get this over with and get paid.
  "Xiari, keggyi uta," he said softly, grinning wickedly at her. "You have what I want. And, anyway, it's going
to the same place. Are you not supposed to deliver it to the Dark Knights?" He walked over to her, capturing her in his
green-gold gaze. She sighed breathlessly before pulling herself away.
   "I'm not that little," she cried. "And, no, it's not. I want the money. Now. You give me the money, you get
the damn box. As if I care what you do with anyway." Long as she got the money the other guy told her. It was needed for
her escape.
   "But aren't you that little?" he mocked lightly, tilting her chin up with a long, slender finger. "You would look so
much older if you botherd to use a little make-up. Not much. A little blush on your cheeks to take away the pale,
vampire look, and some eyeshadow--ooo, a dark color maybe. It would give you an edge." He studied her face, appraising
her. "But you are quite beautiful."
  "What are you? My gay make-up artist?" she snapped, yanking her head back, hating the way he made her want to melt
under his touch. His very essence was sending tingles through her at the moment. She, Heidi, who had never felt strongly
for a boy before--hadn't even wanted a boy before (nor girl, mind you)--was getting this odd, tingling feeling
from this boy. Whoever he was. "Who are you?"
  "I belive I just gave you a compliment," he said quietly, a smile crossing his lips. "It's not everyday that I wait
for a beautiful girl to come passing by, then tell her how beautiful she is."
  "Really?" Heidi questioned, using insults and anger to defend the fact she was seriously thinking about his hotness.
"Because you look like the kind of pervert that would."
  He laughed. "Little one, you amuse me so!" He sobered. Slightly. "Anyway," he said dismissively, "I want the box. You
want money. I'll give you twice as much as he promised you."
   "Seven hundred dollars?" she questined.
  He looked shocked. "Seven hundred is what the double price is? You mean to tell me he was only giving you three
   She nodded, lip poking out slightly, eyes narrowed, and face sat in a hard mask. She was on the defensive end again.
She looked like a riled up cat. 
   "For this vaulable thing?" He shook his head slightly. "Listen, I'll give you three thousand for it. But you cannot,
under any circumstances, stay in this state. You have to leave. Immediately."
   She nodded and handed him the box. He gave her the three thousand, folded up in hundreds. "It better not be
counterfeit," she warned.
   "Or what, little one?" He laughed mockingly. "You won't be able to find me. I'll be long gone. But, trust me, it's
completely real." He started to walk off, but then turned away. "Little one?"
  "Take my advice, sweetie, wear some make-up. Oh yeah." He paused slightly, and she could sense his smirk. "That
tingling feeling? That's love."
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