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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly! - A Survey of Your

* So Basically... *
Name?: olivia
Age?: 13
Sex?: chick
Birth Date?:
Hair Color?: light brown 
Eye Color?: blue but change colours
Height?: 5’7
Weight?: 140
Body Type?: athletic
Piercings?: yes
Tattoos?: no
What are you wearing right
now?: baggy army bands and baggy top
Hair style at the moment?: short layered 
* Favorites *
Soda?: cream and soda
Food?: burgers
Drink?: water
Alcoholic Drink?: no
Time of day?: 3:30
Season?: spring
Day of the week?: saturday
Song at the
moment?: hold my hand,there is
Band/Artist?: new found glory
Book?: heaps lol
Subject in school?: eating in class lol
Place in the australia?:
Place outside the australia?: california
yellow and green
Style of clothes?: punk/emo
Store?: hot topic
Mall?: none
City?: new york
Magazine?: popstar
Kind of pet?:
cat or monkey
* Worst *
Place to be?: beach
Class in school?: math
Time of dayr?: 8.30(roll call)
Kind of pet?: spider 
Drink?: wine
Food?: indian
Mall?: none
Store?: clairs
Style of clothes?: slutty
Celebrity?: linsay lohan
Color?: pink
Book?: to many
Type of music?: rap
Website?: photo book
Magazine?: 17
* Daily Life *
When do you get up?: 5.30 am
What is your first thought?: FOOD!!
What do
you do first?: eat
What's your usual outfit?: skinny jeans&
band tee
What's the first class of the day?: normally maths and english
When does
school end?: december
Do you see your friends?: yep
What do you
do when you get home?: computer and eat
What time do you go to bed?:
* Do you...*: no
Brush your teeth daily?: yep
Brush your hair daily?: yep
Shower daily?: yep
Sing?: yep
Dance?: yep
Party?: on my own
Get drunk?: no
Have sex?: no
Read books?: yes
Listening to music a lot?: 24/7
magazines?: yep
Go online a lot?: yep
Stay on AIM all day
even with an away message?: no
Have a religion?: cathlic
Have an
IPod?: I brocked
Want an IPod?: yep
Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?:
Play an instrument?: yep a little guitar
Get sick a lot?: no
TV?: yep
Like MTV?: yep
Like VH1?: yep
Like the History
Channel?: no
Have Digital Cable?: no
Have more than 500
channels on your TV?: no
Listen to the radio?: yep
Still use
your CD player?: yep
Stalk people?: no
Have more than 200
buddies on your Buddy List?: I don’t count
Have dial-up internet?: no
Have AOL?: no
Know HTML?: no
Have a GPA higher than 3.9?:
Get H's in honors classes?: no
* Music
Do you listen to Rap?: no
R & B?: yep
and/or Jazz?: yep
Classical?: ok
Pop?: yep
Emo/Scremo?: yep
Heavy Metal?: yep
Christian?: ok
Techno?: ok
Reggae?: ok
Broadway Musical songs?: yep
Oldies?: yep
* In A Boyfriend/Girlfriend *
Hair color?: not bothered
Eye color?: not bothered
Tattoos?: that’s hott
Piercings?: 2 or 3
Favorite Music?: emo or punk
Style of clothing?:
Body Type?: slim or bilt
Personality or Looks?:
Would you go out with someone just for their money?:
hell no!!
Do you go on "Pity Dates"?: sorry but no
Does size matter?: no
Do they have to be popular?: hell no
Does the guy ask the girl or
the other way around?: both
Where do you go on the first date?:
Kiss on the first date?: maybe
Sex on the
first date?: pfft you wish
* Right Now *
Do you think
you look good right now?: haha don’t think so
Are you eating something?: I was
Are you drinking something?: nope
Are you IMing anyone?: na
Are you talking on the phone with someone?: no
Are you talking
face to face with someone?: no
Is anyone at your house who
doesn't live there?: by joradans(brother) gf jordan
What song are you listening to?:
bed by j holiday
What are you watching on TV?: blades of glory
What other
websites do you have open?: myspace and bebo
Why are you taking this
survey?: because im bored and its FUN!!!
Where are you going to post it?: sites
What are you going to do after this?: listern to more music
* What
do you Believe? *
Do you believe in ghosts?: yep
The afterlife?: yep
Aliens?: yep
God?: yep
The devil?:
Heaven?: yep
Hell?: yep
Scientology?: yep
Hinduism?: no
Buddhism?: no
Christianity?: all the way
Taoism?: no
Judism?: no
Jesus?: yep
Nothing?: ?
Reincarnation?: yep
Yourself?: yep
* Randoms
Have you been on an airplane before?: yep
were you going?: queensland(gold coast)
Have you been to another country?: no
Have you ever went to another country with your friends?: no
Have you ever partied in another country?: no
Have you ever
went on a roadtrip with your friends?: no
Ever stayed online
more than 10 hours straight?: hahaha yep
Pretended to like someone just
to get popular?: no
Talked about someone behind their back?:
aahhh about that 
Had someone talk about you behind your back?: ep
Been in
a fight online?: yep
Been in a fight face to face?: yep
yourself involved in a fight that wasn't about you?: yep
called a bitch?: yep
Been called a slut/whore?: no hahah
Been to
Australia?: I live there
Do you like snakes?: there cute lol
Ever cried to get
your own way?: yep
Ever broken a bone?: no
Ever had to stay
in the hospital for more than a week?: nope
Ever had serious
surgery?: nope
Ever went to
one of those "adult" stores?: no
Ever bought clothes at
Walmart?: don’t know what that is
Ever gotten clothes from the Salvation Army?: no
Ever paid more than 100 dollars for a pair of jeans?: no
been on stage for any reason?: yes
Ever been in a play?: yes
Ever been in a choir?: yes
Ever been in a band?: yes
Do you
play, or used to play, an instrument?: yes  recorder haha
Gotten a Brazilian
Bikini Wax?: no
Waxed your eyebrows?: yes
Waxed your legs?:
Cut yourself shaving?: yep
Have you ever died?: no
Was this survey an good at all?: yes
What time is it right
now?: 01:24 PM


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