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Chance is always powerful.
Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.

What is Kupika? It is a community of anonymous people. You will have your own cute character like the ones below. Then you can correspond with other members. You are anonymous, so you can express yourself as you want. Just specify a nickname as your identity in Kupika, set your avatar and that's all!
We also have a Diary system, Virtual Items, Oekaki, Clubs and more!

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39 F United States of America

Our brain is the mater organ of our body as it
controls all voluntary and involuntary actions. It
keeps on working but it may get tired at...

22 F United States of America

I'm Ann I'm 21. I used to be on this site when I
was much younger. I just wanted to check it out
I recently started a NSFW insta....

34 M St Lucia

As St Lucia’s largest tours and airport transfer
company St Lucia Advance Tours offers tour and
transfers from the leading airports, to...

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Everyone will get a partner. Once you correspond with someone, he/she can be your virtual friend, your online date, your pen pal, your teacher, your love, or anything... Even though this is not a dating service, you might get your future spouse here ;)

All correspondences take place in this website. You can have lots of friends without cluttering your email inbox. No real names, no photos, no zip codes... you are anonymous, so feel free to talk about anything!

Kupika is certainly the best place to waste spend your time ^_^ create your own instant free web pages

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